Elizabeth Smith, LM, CPM

BabyBizLiz is Elizabeth’s midwifery practice.

Elizabeth considers Midwifery a divine calling and thoroughly loves her work. She believes that every baby has the right to be treated with love and gentleness. Birth is sacred and personal and should be respected as such.

Liz has been attending births since 1985 and has assisted mothers with the safe delivery of nearly 1200 babies. She received her education from Ricks College and Clark County Community College and completed a 3-year apprenticeship. She currently serves as a preceptor for the Utah Midwife College and has apprenticed many midwives. She is also a published writer and a regular lecturer on birth, midwifery and health related topics.

Liz is happily married to Dan and is the mother of 8 children (6 born at home). She considers her own experiences in pregnancy, natural childbirth and motherhood to be her most valued credentials. She is, so far, the grandmother of 12; midwife to 10 of them.